Girls and Boys Dance Classes available in Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz. RAD and ISTD graded examinations are also available but not compulsory.

Professional Dance Teacher and friendly groups with great class atmosphere.

Contact Caroline for more details.
Classes run  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Wed: Grade 6 & 7 RAD Ballet, Pointe Work, Inter Tap ISTD

Thurs: Grade 3 & 4 RAD Ballet, Grade 4 Tap ISTD, Grade 4 & 5 Modern ISTD, Bronze Jazz Award ISTD

Fri: Grade 3 & 5 Tap ISTD, Grade 3 & 6 Modern ISTD, Silver Jazz Award ISTD

Sat: Baby Ballet, Primary, Grade 1 & Grade 2 RAD Ballet, Intro to Tap, Grade 1 & 2 Tap ISTD, Grade 1 & 2 Modern ISTD

ALSO AVAILABLE: Baby Ballet Classes

From 2.5 years and upwards. Baby Ballet is great for developing a child’s balance, co-ordination and confidence in readyness for pre-school. Girls and boys are welcome to join in this fun ‘story led’ ballet session with lively music to accompany them on their adventures.

Class runs on: Saturdays

MUSICAL THEATRE: Classes available via Weston Operatic Junior Section (Weston Oppitts)


Contemporary Class

Funky Fun Class

Contact Caroline for further information